ALPAO Shack–Hartmann (SH) wavefront sensors (WFS) are the only range of WFS especially designed for Adaptive Optics.

Key features

They feature excellent performances to fit with every adaptive optics system. Sensitivity, speed and spectral range can be chosen depending on your needs. All ALPAO SHs perfectly fit with ALPAO DMs and ALPAO software and real-time computers.

  • Optimized for AO: the number of subpupils adaptated to the fried configuration of the recommended DM, latency minimized
  • Speed: frequency up to 31.8kHz, latency as low as 5μs (SH-CMOS-fast)
  • High sensivity: Photon flux for SNR=1 down to 3 photons/frame/sub-aperture (EMCCD)
Number of sub-apertures
Acquisition frequency (Hz)
Photons for SNR=1 (ph./fr/sub-aperture)
Repeatability (nmRMS)
Spectral range
SH-CMOS 50×50 118 100 2 VIS
SH-CMOS fast 64×64 2030 1000
SH-EMCCD 16×16 1004 3
SH-EMCCD fast 23×23 2067 4
SH-InGaAs fast 23×23 3020 400 NIR


Wavefront sensors

Wavefront sensors

Wavefront Sensors - Optimized for AO

ALPAO Shack–Hartmann (SH) wavefront sensors (WFS) are the only range of WFS especially designed for Adaptive Optics.