Part of European project for quantum satellite communications

Interview Project PICTURE-C

ALPAO is proud to have Project PICTURE-C among its references. In November 2022, Christopher Mendillo gave us an interview about this great project. He answered also some

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Consortium: LTAO bench

ALPAO are partnering together with Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO) and ONERA to conduct a competitive Phase A study for the design of a Laser Tomographic

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Interview with Profundus

ALPAO is proud to have Profundus among its renowned customers. In September 2022, Asa Lindstrom (CEO) and Zoran Popovic (Founder/Senior Optical Engineer) gave us an

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Interview with Jon Lawrence

In May 2022, ALPAO was delighted to welcome Jon Lawrence and discuss about our present and future projects with Macquarie University (Australia), especially for Gemini

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