Another year of strong growth and innovation
Another year of strong growth and innovation

In 2021, ALPAO reported a 35% increase in orders with many innovative projects, thus strengthening its leading position in the field of deformable mirrors and adaptive optics. In 2022, the company will take on new challenges to gain new markets and allow its customers to achieve their optical performance and precision goal.

With its products and innovations, ALPAO has revolutionized geometric optics by controlling and correcting wavefront issues. There are many application sectors: astronomy and optical communications, including vision science, microscopy, defense and space sectors, microelectronics, industrial control, space observation, etc. This French company designs and manufactures a wide range of deformable mirrors, as well as all the components required for adaptive optics loops: software and wavefront sensors for the real-time correction of optical aberrations and the production of very high resolution images.

ALPAO also contributes to many innovative projects, especially those part of the French recovery plan. One of these projects, “Optical communications (Project Co-Op)“, brings together the best experts in the sector in a consortium led by Airbus Defense & Space and managed by the National Center of Space Studies (CNES) with the aim of establishing a French industrial  sector in telecommunications using GEO satellite (geostationary orbit).

In 2021, ALPAO expanded its product range and developed its offer towards larger volume applications. The company has recently launched a new modal deformable mirror using adaptive optics and providing an excellent correction of the most common optical aberrations. Aimed at industrial applications such as microscopy, laser machining, 3D printing, etc., it has been designed to be affordable, easy to use and easily integrated into existing systems.

“With ALPAO exporting 90% of its production, and despite travel restrictions due to the health context, 2021 was highly successful for ALPAO through its teams and partners’ hard work. The outlook is exciting, bringing products and the company to new, highly strategic markets,” explained Vincent TEMPELAERE, ALPAO CEO.

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