Adaptive Optics Systems

ALPAO Adaptive Optics systems are both ready-to-use instruments for learning adaptive optics and powerful open-architecture tools for research. 

 All components are included, even the breadboard and a PC with the drivers and software pre-installed. A user-friendly graphical interface quickly shows the synthetic data.

Adaptive optics technology

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Whether you need an out-of-the-box solution or a custom-designed one, ALPAO provides you the right system for your application. 
It includes a fast and large stroke deformable mirror, dedicated wavefront sensor and ACE, our powerful and versatile software for the adaptive optics loop control. 

Key features and specifications

Ready to use system
  • • All components are included (even the breadboard and PC) and preassembled.
  • • A user-friendly graphical interface.
  • • Complete inline documentation including stepbystep tutorials.
Powerful open architecture tool for research and development

All components use standard optomechanical parts. It’s easy to modify, to upgrade or to tweak the AOS­0 system. A detailed guide to the alignment procedure and dedicated alignment tools allow you to quickly restore the system to its original state when needed.

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