Adaptive Optics for FSO applications
Adaptive Optics for FSO applications

The future Free Space Optical (FSO) communication market is quickly taking shape within this half decade. The ongoing technical development embraces various paths, by curating multiple competitive technologies. Each one of the present experimental projects leads to break mechanical, structural and optical challenges. These domains requires both scientific precision and industrial reliability and efficiency.
At COAT 2023 conference, ALPAO’s experts met up with world’s leading scientists for atmospheric turbulence compensation, in FSO and Astronomy.

The outcome of most recent experiments shared by the community, highlights ALPAO Adaptive Optics as a relevant solution of turbulence compensation for both uplink anddownlink applications.

ALPAO Adaptive Optics systems and Deformable Mirrors features numerous assets. Beyond their remarquable performances in wavefront analysis and real time computing, ALPAO turn-key solutions induce zero loss in the Quantum feed, in both uplink and downlink.

FSO communication is currently in its experimental phase. In a near future, the horizon for FSO communication embraces the large-scale deployment of a of an industrial-made ground stations network.

This transformation of scientific experiments into an industry journey requires to adapt the ground station architecture to an autonomous, compact and stand-alone model.

ALPAO is getting ready for it by allocating a large part of its R&D efforts in developping the future of AO: fast, low SWAP, robust and cost-effective.

To chose ALPAO, is to ensure a steady AO for today’s experiments, fully compatible with tomorrow’s challenges of industry.

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You can also watch the replay of the 2 webinars : focus OGSabout FSO.

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