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Leader in ophtalmic application
Large stroke, excellent optical quality and large number of actuators

Diagnosing illnesses of the eye requires high resolution images of the retina. Images taken using conventional instruments are poor quality due to aberrations introduced by the eye itself. Adaptive optics offers a revolutionary technique for restoring excellent image quality.

ALPAO developed a new deformable mirror technology destined to be integrated into the majority of ophthalmic instruments. Very large strokes, excellent linearity and high bandwidth allow these deformable mirrors to achieve great results for a variety of configurations (AO-SLO, AO-OCT, two-photon microscopy, angiography, etc.). Thanks to ALPAO's Core Engine architecture, the use of adaptive optics has never been so easy.


retinal imaging 400x200 AO Ophtalmo globules 200x200

Courtesy of the Dubra Lab at Stanford University

Scale bars=10 microns across.  

The image on the left shows the smallest cones at the center of the retina, (the fovea), while the image on the right shows the photoreceptor mosaic at a more eccentric location.
The large bright dots with a dark ring around them on the right are cones, and the surrounding more abundant smaller spots are rods.


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