Excellent optical quality, fast deformation and highly suitable for open loop control 
Open and flexible software

Adaptive Optics systems can correct for the sample aberration but also for the microscope and spherical aberration introduced by index mismatch. If not corrected, these aberrations reduce the resolution of the microscope. ALPAO DM and systems are providing impressive results in multi-photon microscopy, confocal microscopy, PALM and STORM or fluorescence microscopy.

Adaptive Optics makes also possible to shift the depth of focus, while maintaining a constant distance between the objective and the observed object to do 3D microscopy through the use of sections. ALPAO's very large-stroke mirrors permit great depth of focus while correcting large spherical aberrations.

Example in mircoscopy 

Two-color confocal imaging with AO provided by a descanned two-photon guide star deep in the living zebrafish brain.
(Credit Kai Wang, Betzig Lab., Janelia Farm, HHMI). 


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